Our gatherings have blossomed since 2013 - every month we host gatherings at local cafes in the community and two mobile cafes inside of care-homes.

Too often families going through Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia are isolated. We aim to change that. Our come-as-you-are “neighborhood memory cafes” are easily accessible places where care-partners and loved ones can enjoy a family meal, immerse in the arts, let go of stress, and refuel with hope -- all at no cost to participants.

Volunteers help us with the details and community sponsors (as well as donations) cover refreshments, visiting artists and other related costs. Visit us on Facebook to see featured artists and joyful participants at our five gathering places on The Emerald Coast. Call Hope Matters at (850) 582-3496 for more info and RSVP to attend.

Our Monthly Schedule:
- Carington Manor on the 2nd Monday and Safe & Secure on the 2nd Wednesday each month in Crestview (10:30 am in both facilities).
- The Glass Classroom (in Destiny Worship Center) on the 2nd Thursday each month in Miramar Beach at 12:00 pm (lunch included).
- Campus Cafe Fort Walton Beach on the 2nd Friday each month at 1:00 pm (snacks included); at the Library Building #8 at the UWF Campus in Fort Walton.


Thanks to our Memory Cafe Hosts!

Campus Cafe Carington Manor and Safe & Secure Destiny Worship Center