Liquid Sunshine is an outreach project to ease loneliness and isolation during unprecedented times.

Join our project by creating a card to send some "liquid sunshine" across the map!

Nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and senior residences are facing exceptional challenges in the covid-19 pandemic. In order to protect senior citizens and staff members from the coronavirus, visits are off-limits. The lack of contact with family, friends, musicians, clergy, and others, has created a huge void. That has resulted in heightened boredom, loneliness, and isolation for seniors and increased responsibility for staff. We aim to change that with a mega dose of liquid sunshine!

Please send upbeat beautifully created cards to Hope Matters for bulk mailing to care centers (see address below). Our 1st ambitious goal is 200 hand-made 5"x 7" cards, bound for New York by April 30th. Mark the back of your envelope with a choice: "FOR PATIENT" or "FOR STAFF" ... and please NOTE: do not use glitter -- it is hazardous for patients having wound-care, oxygen and IV tubes. Hope Matters strives to follow guidelines set by the centers we serve in love.

There is nothing like encouraging snail-mail. So we are calling on children and adults, to create hand-made cards to lift the mood, clear gray skies, and send a little liquid sunshine. Visit us on Facebook to see how kids are giving seniors a reason to smile! Adults are joining the effort too, in creating gratitude notes for facility staff members. The Liquid Sunshine Project was begun in April 2020 as a way for Floridians to send sunshine to New York - where covid-19 cases number more than anywhere in the nation. We envision Liquid Sunshine making its way across the map with exponential blessings for many cities!

PO BOX 2021
p.s. Call Hope Matters at (850) 582-3496 for more info or to mirror the project in your city. We encourage families, ladies and children's ministries, teachers and students, and others to participate from home. Please create standard 5"x 7" cards (or smaller). Thank you for staying safe, doing your part to slow the spread, and for helping us share liquid sunshine!


Help us grow hope-filled communities across the map!