Neighborhood Memory Cafe

All gatherings have been discontinued due to Covid-19. Café gathering spaces and curbside pop-up memory cafes were enjoyed around Emerald Coast for over 7 years. The Neighborhood Memory Cafes will remain among our greatest heart treasures - whereby caregivers and loved ones marveled over a place to simply relax, be themselves, and immerse in the arts since 2013.

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The Liquid Sunshine Project

This outreach project sent a little "liquid sunshine" to hundreds of senior citizens in care facilities. Together, we helped combat isolation and loneliness brought on by the pandemic, and encouraged dedicated staff members with a reason to smile. Thank you to all the volunteers who hand-made beautiful cards that were sent across the nation.

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The Little, Powerful
Book Series

Too often children are left out or shielded from life’s difficult journeys. Adults may stumble in trying to explain Alzheimer’s, cancer, or deployment to war. Giving children a voice through the little book series can help them (and you) navigate through Alzheimer’s, cancer, deployment, and beyond. The Little Books are available in paperback and KDP format.


The Stocking Project

Every December volunteers have come together, ready to carry on this legacy of love. The Stocking Project has resulted in more than 35,000 stockings being delivered around the nation since its inception in 2011. Our team of local volunteers has traditionally delivered Christmas stockings to oncology patients at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center and The Mack Bayou Infusion Clinic (Santa Rosa Beach). December 2020 will mark our 10th and final season of The Stocking Project - as Hope Matters non-profit endeavors will be retired at year-end.

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